User management

As a group administrator you can create users, change their passwords and set and change their quotas for number VM’s running, CPU usage and memory usage.

For user management, you need to change to the groupadmin view. See the page on the user interface for more information on how to do this.

All user specific operations can be done from the System/Users section. One user operation is group specific: managing group administrators needs to be done from the System/Groups section.

Procedures explained below:

New user

Purpose: create a new user login for your project in the HPC Cloud.

On the ‘Users’ page, all users if your project are visible, including you yourself. You can select the user to edit it. There are three main options:

Select user

As a group administrator you can change several settings connected to the user. In these cases you must first select the user.

Reset password

If a user has forgotten his login password you can assign a new one.

User quota

The project has hard quota restriction on disk image storage. In addition, you can further restrict the use of resources per user.

Quota can be set on max simultaneous VMs, cores and more. No quota can be set on Core Hours consumed.

Make user group admin

You can give a user the same rights as you (as a group admin) have, this is done through the System/Groups section.

Note: The promotion to groupadmin is implemented in a few stages that may take few hours.
During that instable period the new groupadmin may experience some errors.
If you are in a hurry, email that “the group admin rights for myproject-name need to be updated”.

Delete user