Sharing OpenNebula objects


Most of the objects you create in the cloud web interface can be shared with the members of your project (or group), or everybody. The objects can be Images, Templates, Virtual Machines or Files & Kernels.

Setting permissions

To change the permissions, select the object in the interface and click anywhere on the row. This will pop up a window where you see Info for the selected item and can set the sharing permissions.


There are three levels of permissions: Owner, Group, Other. And there are three types of permissions you can grant: Use, Manage, Admin.

Granting Use permission means that the object may be used but its attributes may not be modified. Granting Manage on an object indicates that the object attributes may be modified. The Admin permission is not a permission that you will typically grant since it is only usable by the SURFsara cloud administrators.


If you set Other to any of your objects (e.g. your VM), then your VM will be public and visible to every user on the HPC Cloud. Therefore, better avoid this option unless you know exaclty what you do.

Most of the time, you will grant Use permissions to your group members so they can use the objects you provide while keeping the Manage permission to yourself.


Persistent Images: granting Use on a disk image will allow the other party to use your image in a virtual machine. Once this images is mounted, the other party is able to modify it as they see fit. Do not confuse the Manage permission, which allows the other party to modify the attributes of the image object, with the Use permission which allows the other party to mount the Image file. To avoid problems, better not share a persistent image with the group or others.

Do not remove your own permissions

The interface will allow you to remove permissions from the “Owner”. This will make it so that you can no longer use or manage your own object. You will need to contact to regain your permissions.