HPC Cloud maintenance downtime


During a maintenance downtime we will work on the hardware that powers the HPC Cloud. VMs cannot run during that time.

What do you need to do?

Make sure that none of your VMs is running.

Your list of instancesVMs can only contain VMs in UNDEPLOYEDstate.

See below: Instructions to prepare for the downtime.

Will my data be safe?

If your VM is not running the data on your disk images is just as safe as during normal operation. See our backup policy.

Look at VMs in the instancesVMs list. VMs in a state other than UNDEPLOYED will end abruptly during the maintenance and will probably lose data.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our helpdesk: helpdesk@surfsara.nl.

Instructions to prepare for the downtime

You need to prepare for the downtime by stopping your running VMs in time. This can be done by the UI menu items Terminate or Undeploy. VMs in a state other than UNDEPLOYED may be lost or damaged during the maintenance.

For more information on machine states and the effect on non-persistent disks, see Virtual Machine states.

Non-persistent disks

Changes to data on non-persistent disks are lost when you Terminate the VM. Otherwise, the disk is stored on the host or on external storage.

For more information on (non-) persistency, see Image Persistence.

How can you check your disks for persistency?

vm disk tab