Maintenance windows HPC Cloud


Up and running.

Future maintenance windows

Note that not every maintenance window will actually include that we will do maintenance. Please see the policy below for more information.

Status Date (start / end) comment
Unused 13-11-2018 / 14-11-2018 This maintenance slot will not be used.
Scheduled 11-12-2018 / 12-12-2018 Planned: security maintenance. Expect VMs down.
Scheduled 08-01-2019 / 09-01-2019  


Maintenance and changes can only be done during on of to the maintenance windows. This means that (part of) the service can be unavailable, for example the web UI.

All HPC Cloud users are notified at least one month in advance if:

If no changes are planned or only changes with some short interruptions expected (< 5 minutes), no notification will be send.


Exceptions to this policy are made in the following cases:

In these cases, the changes will be applied as soon as needed, even outside maintenance windows.


(most recent first)

Status Date (start / end)  
Finished 10-07-2018 / 11-07-2018 Scheduled downtime for security maintenance (Spectre/Meltdown)
Finished 02-03-2018 / 05-03-2018 Scheduled downtime for security maintenance (Spectre/Meltdown)
Finished 10-11-2017 12:36-12:56 Scheduler did not place virtual machines, running virtual machines not affected.
Finished 11-10-2017 10:30-10:45 The UI does not allow logins.
Finished 02-10-2017 / 06-10-2017 Scheduled maintenance. Major overhaul of the underlying network infrastructure.
Finished 14-08-2017 Solved: Outgoing SSH traffic was blocked since 26-07-2017.
Finished 26-07-2017 : 16:45 / 26-07-2017 : 21:15 Unscheduled maintenance. Due to unexpected problems with one of our switches, the UI and part of the VMs on the HPC Cloud were disconnected from the internet. No network traffic in or out was possible. Internal network traffic, between VM’s appear to have been unaffected. At 21.15 the problems were solved.
Finished 27-06-2017 / 27-06-2017 Scheduled maintenance; there were a few short interruptions of the UI. No influence on running VMs
Finished 21-06-2017 : 15:35 / 21-06-2017 : 16:49 Unscheduled maintenance. During this period we experienced several disk issues causing requests being blocked in our storage systems. At 16:45 we removed the disks causing this issue, the storage systems became stable at 16:49. Running VMs were not affected.
Finished 18-04-2017 / 19-04-2017 Scheduled maintenance
Finished 20-02-2017 : 14:35 / 20-02-2017 : 15:30 Unscheduled maintenance. At 14:35 we received alerts that one of our backends was failing due to memory errors. To reduce load on our environment we temporarily closed all logins. These services were moved to the other node at 15:00, after this was completed we checked the environment. We opened our HPC Cloud again for logins at 15:30. Running VM’s are not affected.
Finished 24-01-2017 / 25-01-2017 Scheduled maintenance
Finished 02-09-2016 / 09-09-2016 moved to new data center
Finished 26-07-2016 / 27-07-2016  
Finished 05-04-2016 / 06-04-2016  
Finished 02-02-2016 / 03-02-2016