Good practices for HPC and Cloud 2019-05-23
Extras - The XML-RPC API

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This is an exercise from the Extras part of the Tutorial Good practices for HPC and Cloud 2019-05-23.

In this advanced part of our HPC Cloud tutorial we ask you to play around with the XML RPC API.

a) Setting up a VM for the exercise

Exercise: start a new VM (you are now in the advanced part; you should be able to do this on your own)

b) Run a first example

This exercise should make you familiar with our general documentation pages.

Food for brain:

  • What version does the API reply with?

c) Run a second example

Food for brain:

  • Can you now modify the VM list to show only the running VMs?
  • Can you make a program that will shutdown all your VMs but leaving intact the one you are running the program from?

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