Customise your Virtual Machine

The HPC Cloud is offered as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). That allows you to give your Virtual Machines (VMs) the form that you need them to have.

You can customise your VMs by editing the templates you instantiate the VMs from.

Editing a template

In order to edit an existing template, under the Templates menu, choose the VMs item. This will show a list of available templates. Click on the one you want to edit. Extended information about that image will be displayed within two tabs: Info and Template.

Above this extended information area, there are 3 buttons. One of them says Update. If you click there, you will be able to edit the template. Do it now; the button will become green and, to its right, you will see 2 modes for editing the template: a Wizard mode and an Advanced one. We will be describing here the Wizard mode.


We will talk about the Wizard mode here. The Advanced one can be handy to see a full summary of the template, and it is also a good view to copy-and-paste templates in case you need to.

Whenever you are finished customising your template, make sure you click on the green Update button so that your changes are actually saved.

The tabs for editing a template are the following: