Editing Network options of a template

You can add virtual network cards (called nics in OpenNebula) so that your VM gets network access. On the Network tab of the template-editing screen, you can see two columns:

You can add as many nics as you need to a given template, each referring to an existing network. You have two different networks available:


When you import an appliance from the AppMarket, that action usually downloads one template along with an image. However, you usually have to add networks to the template after you have downloaded it. This is the place to do it.

The assignment of hostnames and IP addresses to VMs is covered in Accessing your virtual machine.

Edit a nic for a template

When you click on a nic of a template (on the left column of the Network tab), or when you click on +, you will select that nic for editing (it will get a blue line on the left of its name and its options will show on the area to the right of it).

The option you can set for a nic is just which network of the two that you have available you want to attach your nic to.

When you find the network you want to attach to your nic and you click on it, its name will appear in blue under the available networks’ table.


The order that you specify your nics matters. If you use internet, then select this first to Interface 0.


Deleting a nic from a template

Next to the name of each nic on the list of nics when editing a template, you can see a black (x) button. If you click on it, the nic will be removed from the template.

NOTE on Advanced options:

The Advanced options that you can see on the screen are very specific ones that we do not use every day. If you think you need to use them, we recommend you try and learn about them on the official OpenNebula documentation (for example, here). And if you find benefits in using them, please send us an e-mail to let us know: helpdesk@surfsara.nl.