Editing Input/Output options of a template


VMs are created by instantiating a template, and they will run as a KVM process on a physical computer. KVM delivers an environment to the VM where it emulates the typical functionality you would expect from a PC: a BIOS, a boot-up sequence…


spice is not supported at this time

A basic I/O set including a «screen», a «keyboard» and a «mouse» is available as if you were using directly-attached peripherals to your VM, by means of a VNC connection. You can operate on VNC sessions via your browser. You do not need any specific software on your VM to enable this.

You can configure the VNC connections that de HPC Cloud will serve for VMs instantiated out of the template you are editing. Relevant options are:


Our tests suggest that the Password option does not work


If you plan on using a graphical environment through VNC (such as GNOME or KDE; or Windows), then you are advised to add the following Input record, so that the mouse pointer will work properly:

Appendix - List of supported keymaps for VNC

You can write one of the following values in the Keymap field:

  • ar
  • bepo
  • cz
  • da
  • de
  • de-ch
  • en-gb
  • en-us
  • es
  • et
  • fi
  • fo
  • fr
  • fr-be
  • fr-ca
  • fr-ch
  • hr
  • hu
  • is
  • it
  • ja
  • lt
  • lv
  • mk
  • nl
  • nl-be
  • no
  • pl
  • pt
  • pt-br
  • ru
  • sl
  • sv
  • th
  • tr