UvA HPC course 2021-01-22

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This is part Extras of the tutorial UvA HPC course 2021-01-22. These exercises can be done in any order and you are to do as many as you want, depending on your enthusiasm and available time.

You will find several Food for brain questions in each exercise about situations that you might encounter when working with Parallel programming techniques. Our advice is that you perform many tests, observe the results (write down execution times, change parameters, make tables, draw graphs…) and think about your answers.


You should have completed (and understood) both Part A and Part B before trying these extras.

Simple scalability

Link: Simple Scalability: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Working with a real dataset on a real problem to look into the possibilities of easily scaling up and/or out.


Link: OpenMP: calculating π

Using a simple algorithm to calculate π as an example, you will see the impact of the scale-up model and parallel programming with OpenMP.


Link: MPI: Wave equation

Using a numerical method to calculate wave propagation as an example, you will see the impact of both scale-up and scale-out models and parallel programming with MPI.



Experience the automation API that OpenNebula provides, which can be used to find out a lot of information about your own environment, and to operate with VMs in a non-interactive way.